The Last 6 months

My last post was on June 11th! Life is always crazy but gets even more crazier when you really start to plan your wedding! But as I told my coworkers when I returned to work on Wednesday, "I'm back and wedding stress is gone!". Time for my life to overrun with wedding plans and panic. … Continue reading The Last 6 months

Holy guacamole!

Hey it's Taco Tuesday! and I live right above a taco place!! Yes I know it has been about a month and a half since my last post. So what has happened that has left me with no time? Lets see, I moved and didn't have wifi until a week ago, I obviously still work, … Continue reading Holy guacamole!

Troubles I’m thinking of.

I really wish I saw more billboards and more posts and all of that on foster care and adoption. I mean pet adoptions are everywhere and always shown off. Why can't we do that with children who are getting a chance at a better life? There are nearly 428,000 children waiting in foster care according  … Continue reading Troubles I’m thinking of.

Cali Living (for a week)

As my stay in CA comes to an end I just want to write about how much fun it has been ! Sunday was my Moms birthday so I got to spend some time with her and my brother and dad. Also my Tia and Grandpa and Mama Luz were there. It was nice to … Continue reading Cali Living (for a week)

Adventures in airports

Surprised to see a new post? Yeah I bet you are. I suprised myself when I opened the app to type one! So this week I am in CA, my true home even though Fort Wayne, IN has turned into my home due to absolutely loving it there and making my life for myself. I … Continue reading Adventures in airports

“Females are strong as hell”

My last blog post was on January 27th. Today is March 8th. I am the worst at finding time to do a blog, even though I'm usually home by at least 5:30 everyday. It's not that I haven't wanted to post, it is really just that I have been so EXHAUSTED. And yes, my job … Continue reading “Females are strong as hell”

Cold weather blues

Recently I have started this new weightloss journey. I have yet to speak about it until my last post when it was breifly mentioned. The reason for this is because I do not want any negative feedback. I have gotten plenty of it from the last time when I was trying to do this from … Continue reading Cold weather blues

Leaving my comfort zone

So it has been crazy cold lately! Next week it is supposed to be a wind chill of -42! Yes, negative! And the weather reports are saying that you can get frost bite within minutes of being outside. I am a winter lover though, and I am OVER this shit! I adore the snow but … Continue reading Leaving my comfort zone

Snow for the CA girl ❄️

Growing up in California was great obviously! But where I was, meant I never saw snow unless we drove a few hours. The first time I saw snow in person was the winter of 2014! And I don't even think we got much snow here in Indiana that winter, I don't remember. Either way, I … Continue reading Snow for the CA girl ❄️


I have 4 tattoos! I originally only planned on like 3 in total and then I realized how much I like them and now I want more. Sadly they are expensive and do not currently fit in my budget nor in my free time. So what else does Iliana want on her body? Well I … Continue reading Tattoos!