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Lets address the year no one liked…

Hi there! I am writing this from Tyler's bed as he is in the living room with his son feeding him dinner and I am waiting for the green light for me to start my part of the ending of our shipments for work. To be real, my life is a mess but I am… Continue reading Lets address the year no one liked…

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I’m back ✨

Holy cow! It has been a little over a year since my last blog post. So let me start off by giving a bit of an update! I got divorced!!🎉 Yes that is an exciting thing! I have lived on my own for almost a whole year with no help! 👌I am killing it at… Continue reading I’m back ✨

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The Last 6 months

My last post was on June 11th! Life is always crazy but gets even more crazier when you really start to plan your wedding! But as I told my coworkers when I returned to work on Wednesday, "I'm back and wedding stress is gone!". Time for my life to overrun with wedding plans and panic.… Continue reading The Last 6 months

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Holy guacamole!

Hey it's Taco Tuesday! and I live right above a taco place!! Yes I know it has been about a month and a half since my last post. So what has happened that has left me with no time? Lets see, I moved and didn't have wifi until a week ago, I obviously still work,… Continue reading Holy guacamole!

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Troubles I’m thinking of.

I really wish I saw more billboards and more posts and all of that on foster care and adoption. I mean pet adoptions are everywhere and always shown off. Why can't we do that with children who are getting a chance at a better life? There are nearly 428,000 children waiting in foster care according … Continue reading Troubles I’m thinking of.

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Cali Living (for a week)

As my stay in CA comes to an end I just want to write about how much fun it has been ! Sunday was my Moms birthday so I got to spend some time with her and my brother and dad. Also my Tia and Grandpa and Mama Luz were there. It was nice to… Continue reading Cali Living (for a week)

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Adventures in airports

Surprised to see a new post? Yeah I bet you are. I suprised myself when I opened the app to type one! So this week I am in CA, my true home even though Fort Wayne, IN has turned into my home due to absolutely loving it there and making my life for myself. I… Continue reading Adventures in airports

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“Females are strong as hell”

My last blog post was on January 27th. Today is March 8th. I am the worst at finding time to do a blog, even though I'm usually home by at least 5:30 everyday. It's not that I haven't wanted to post, it is really just that I have been so EXHAUSTED. And yes, my job… Continue reading “Females are strong as hell”

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Cold weather blues

Recently I have started this new weightloss journey. I have yet to speak about it until my last post when it was breifly mentioned. The reason for this is because I do not want any negative feedback. I have gotten plenty of it from the last time when I was trying to do this from… Continue reading Cold weather blues

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Leaving my comfort zone

So it has been crazy cold lately! Next week it is supposed to be a wind chill of -42! Yes, negative! And the weather reports are saying that you can get frost bite within minutes of being outside. I am a winter lover though, and I am OVER this shit! I adore the snow but… Continue reading Leaving my comfort zone