Cold weather blues

Recently I have started this new weightloss journey. I have yet to speak about it until my last post when it was breifly mentioned. The reason for this is because I do not want any negative feedback. I have gotten plenty of it from the last time when I was trying to do this from … Continue reading Cold weather blues


Leaving my comfort zone

So it has been crazy cold lately! Next week it is supposed to be a wind chill of -42! Yes, negative! And the weather reports are saying that you can get frost bite within minutes of being outside. I am a winter lover though, and I am OVER this shit! I adore the snow but … Continue reading Leaving my comfort zone

Snow for the CA girl ❄️

Growing up in California was great obviously! But where I was, meant I never saw snow unless we drove a few hours. The first time I saw snow in person was the winter of 2014! And I don't even think we got much snow here in Indiana that winter, I don't remember. Either way, I … Continue reading Snow for the CA girl ❄️


I have 4 tattoos! I originally only planned on like 3 in total and then I realized how much I like them and now I want more. Sadly they are expensive and do not currently fit in my budget nor in my free time. So what else does Iliana want on her body? Well I … Continue reading Tattoos!


Do you have a goal? Does it require saving money like mine does? It's hard! So far we have $20 saved up for the next trip we want to go on. Of course it's probably going to be just a weekend trip to like Indianapolis or something not too far nor expensive. However it still … Continue reading Goals

Truck drivers?

I work in a warehouse and that requires pulling the incoming pallets or putting the outgoing pallets onto the truck sometimes. Now don't get me wrong, we have some really friendly truck drivers that come in! But sometimes we have truck drivers that come in and it is their first time there and they want … Continue reading Truck drivers?

Going back to work!

I get to go back to work! After what feels like forever, it's actually only been 5 weeks, I'm going back with a few restrictions for another 2 weeks. So how am I going to handle going back to work? If you know me, you know I love my job and don't dread going to … Continue reading Going back to work!